Akissi Y. Stokes: Farm to Table: Grubs is what’s for dinner while fighting climate change.

Today on Humans Helping Humans:

Did you ever go to the snack section of Hot Topic as your friends buy tripp pants? If so did you see the BBQ crickets and cringe? Why do think that is? Have you looked at pigs and thought Mhmm bacon? Do you do the same with insects? Would you ever eat an insect? Have you already eaten one? Did you know that eating grubs or insects can be a huge environmental benefit? Find out what Wundergrubs is all about in this episode!

We are speaking with Akissi Y. Stokes, who is from the world of finance but in these last few years she in the world of grubs. She is going to speak about when she became interested in grubs, and why she decided to create a social impact business around it. She is also going to speak about her first time eating grubs, her pop up dinners based on grubs. As well as the process behind being a micro-livestock farmer and how their dream is to eventually create a co-op experience and why entomophagy is good for the environment. She is also going to play a game called MYTHBUSTERS: THE ENTAMOPHOGY EDITION.