Megan Gordon-Kane: Lobbyist Fighting Against the Abortion Ban in GA.

Today on Humans Helping Humans:

Do you ever wonder what a lobbyist does? Are you watching the news on the abortion bill and can’t help but have nightmares about coat hangers covered in blood? Do you want to help you feel although clever your protest poster isn’t enough? Find out what abortion providers and reproductive rights activists need you to do to banish this bill!

We are speaking with Megan Gordon-Kane, who was a law school graduate that volunteered for the Feminist Women’s Health Center which turned into a career. She is going to speak about what a lobbyist does, the similarities and differences between The Feminist Women’s Health Center and Planned Parenthood. She is going to tell the origin story of Reproductive Justice and The Feminist Women’s Health Center . Explaining further on why it helps the center’s agenda to not just provide aid to women’s health but to provide care for the entire community from immigrants to LGBT issues. She is going to explain the details of the HB481 bill, the abortion lawsuit. She is also going to play a game called MYTHBUSTERS: THE ABORTION EDITION.