Liliana Bakhtiari: First Queer Muslim Woman that ran for ATL City Council.

Today on Humans Helping Humans:

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to run for office and what the process is like?Do you feel as though you would never run for office because you don’t have enough knowledge or experience?Find out from someone who ran for city council and was just this close to making it, also the impact that she is having on the city even after the elections.

We are speaking with Liliana Bakhtiari, who ran for Atlanta City Council of District 5 as a first time candidate against longtime District 5 incumbent Natalyn Archibong. Although she did not win, she ran a successful municipal campaign , receiving 23 endorsements after launching and managing a multi-platform media campaign with over 20K person reach, planning 30+ events, raising $132K, and receiving 49% of the vote. She speaks about how it was like running for office as a first timer with no political background or lineage. After her campaign, she launched a mobile art installation in the form of a Georgia school bus with the Living Melody Collective, targeting voter mobilization engaging the suburban and rural voter.She is currently the Public Affairs Manager of Planned Parenthood Southeast,working against the  HB481 Georgia Abortion Ban bill, among other activism work.