Fabian Williams: Muralist Illuminating the city of Atlanta with paintings of past and present cultural and civil rights leaders

Today on Humans Helping Humans:

Welcome to the Bonus Episode of HHH! This is my first EVER interview . Ash Nash and Fabian Williams were kind enough to give me a chance to interview Fabian! You’ll hear what a first-time episode sounds like, you might hear some thuds and click-clacking in the background. (that’s my cat Nova pounding the door and my dog Gigi being intrusive during the interview. On some of the hardest nights when I worked on the ambulance running emergency calls I often felt helpless and close to breaking down but Fabian’s work was constantly inspiring and helped me keep my head up! That is why he was my first choice and he was generous enough to say yes. You may be wondering why it isn’t as long as the others, well Fabian and I had such a great time that for about an hour and a half we were literally just having a conversation from Aliens to all of Martin Luther King’s valiant efforts and then I realized I barely asked my questions. I want Humans Helping Humans to be a space where you listen to these inspiring everyday people who saw a need and are still on the journey of fulfilling that need. They aren’t finished with what they are doing, the fight for good is a never-ending battle. I want you, the listener, to get inspired, learn from their experience and tips, and either donate or volunteer to these people and organizations. I want you to go out and do some good and realize you don’t have to be perfect or have all the knowledge in the world to make a difference. You are probably curious as to why Atlanta? I chose Atlanta because first and foremost it is my home as I watch the news every day, I just see bad news after bad news. I want to see more good news and with that being said I hope you can join my HHH Volunteer team and be part of the good news. I dream of a future where there is constantly good news being reported while there is a short segment of bad news.

We are going to find out why Fabian Williams paints these figures and what it takes to be an artist of his caliber and more in this episode! You are going to get some tips on how to be a full-time artist. He is going to tell you why he chose to be a full-time artist rather than staying in corporate America. His methodology will be explained in this episode of HHH.

Thanks again for listening!

Akissi Y. Stokes: Farm to Table: Grubs is what’s for dinner while fighting climate change.

Today on Humans Helping Humans:

Did you ever go to the snack section of Hot Topic as your friends buy tripp pants? If so did you see the BBQ crickets and cringe? Why do think that is? Have you looked at pigs and thought Mhmm bacon? Do you do the same with insects? Would you ever eat an insect? Have you already eaten one? Did you know that eating grubs or insects can be a huge environmental benefit? Find out what Wundergrubs is all about in this episode!

We are speaking with Akissi Y. Stokes, who is from the world of finance but in these last few years she in the world of grubs. She is going to speak about when she became interested in grubs, and why she decided to create a social impact business around it. She is also going to speak about her first time eating grubs, her pop up dinners based on grubs. As well as the process behind being a micro-livestock farmer and how their dream is to eventually create a co-op experience and why entomophagy is good for the environment. She is also going to play a game called MYTHBUSTERS: THE ENTAMOPHOGY EDITION.


Megan Gordon-Kane: Lobbyist Fighting Against the Abortion Ban in GA.

Today on Humans Helping Humans:

Do you ever wonder what a lobbyist does? Are you watching the news on the abortion bill and can’t help but have nightmares about coat hangers covered in blood? Do you want to help you feel although clever your protest poster isn’t enough? Find out what abortion providers and reproductive rights activists need you to do to banish this bill!

We are speaking with Megan Gordon-Kane, who was a law school graduate that volunteered for the Feminist Women’s Health Center which turned into a career. She is going to speak about what a lobbyist does, the similarities and differences between The Feminist Women’s Health Center and Planned Parenthood. She is going to tell the origin story of Reproductive Justice and The Feminist Women’s Health Center . Explaining further on why it helps the center’s agenda to not just provide aid to women’s health but to provide care for the entire community from immigrants to LGBT issues. She is going to explain the details of the HB481 bill, the abortion lawsuit. She is also going to play a game called MYTHBUSTERS: THE ABORTION EDITION.

Liliana Bakhtiari: First Queer Muslim Woman that ran for ATL City Council.

Today on Humans Helping Humans:

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to run for office and what the process is like?Do you feel as though you would never run for office because you don’t have enough knowledge or experience?Find out from someone who ran for city council and was just this close to making it, also the impact that she is having on the city even after the elections.

We are speaking with Liliana Bakhtiari, who ran for Atlanta City Council of District 5 as a first time candidate against longtime District 5 incumbent Natalyn Archibong. Although she did not win, she ran a successful municipal campaign , receiving 23 endorsements after launching and managing a multi-platform media campaign with over 20K person reach, planning 30+ events, raising $132K, and receiving 49% of the vote. She speaks about how it was like running for office as a first timer with no political background or lineage. After her campaign, she launched a mobile art installation in the form of a Georgia school bus with the Living Melody Collective, targeting voter mobilization engaging the suburban and rural voter.She is currently the Public Affairs Manager of Planned Parenthood Southeast,working against the  HB481 Georgia Abortion Ban bill, among other activism work.